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STH The Imamiya Sisters by gaby264
STH The Imamiya Sisters
Here they are the Imamiya Sisters.
I been practice a new technique based of a tutorial made by :iconcaptricosakara: 
Here is the link…
And also practicing of making electricity on photoshop.

So here is the new look of Angela and her weapon, she has no powers like her sister only her natural battle skills.

Art © gaby264
Angela Imamiya © gaby264
Gaby Imamiya 
© gaby264
Team Imamiya by gaby264
Team Imamiya
:iconstop1plz::iconstop2plz::iconstop3plz::iconstop4plz::iconstop5plz: :iconcommentplz: :iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3:

Here is the Team Imamiya!!
The members are:

:bulletblue: Gaby The Cat (Speed)
:bulletyellow: Katherine The Parrot (Flight)
:bulletred: Rita The Velociraptor (Power)

Enjoy ;) :D

Gaby, Katherine & Rita (C) :icongaby264:
Sonic Heroes Logo (C) SEGA
+Gaby Imamiya New References 2016+ by gaby264
+Gaby Imamiya New References 2016+

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Character's Basic Info:

Name: Gaby Imamiya
Age: 16
Nicknames/Alias: Gaby-girl, Gabs
Species: Cat
Marital Status: Single
Status: Active
Birthplace: Emerald Town
D.O.B: October 14th
Occupation: Free runner
IQ: 100-115
Top Speed:  High Speed Runner (160-175 MPH)
Personal Quote: "Don't finish what you have just started"
Voice:  Zatanna from Young Justice

Physical Description:

Gender: Female
Height: 97 cm (3’2”)
Weight: 38 lbs.
Fur Color: Black
Skin Color: Peach
Eye's Color: Cyan blue (Formerly brown)
:bulletblack: Magenta bow
:bulletblack: Black choker
:bulletblack: Magenta hairclips
:bulletblack: Dark magenta halter top
:bulletblack: Dark magenta skirt
:bulletblack: Black belt (Buckle with the letter G)
:bulletblack: Long arm gloves with black cuffs and black and magenta stripes
:bulletblack: Striped tights (Black and magenta)
:bulletblack: Black boots with black cuffs and magenta stripes
:bulletblack: Magenta streak on her hair

:bulletblack: White hairclips
:bulletblack: Black tank top
:bulletblack: Blue skirt
:bulletblack: Brown belt
:bulletblack: Dark blue gloves with black cuffs
:bulletblack: Dark blue boots with black cuffs

Character Traits:

Alignment:  Hero/Good
Affiliation: Team Imamiya
Team Formation:  Speed (Leader)
Favorite Color(s): Magenta
Favorite Food(s):  Spaghetti
Favorite Drink: Cranberry Juice
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Love Interest:  N/A
Equipment: None
Vehicle: None
Theme song:  Katy Perry - Roar

Team: Team Imamiya
:bulletblue: Speed: Gaby & Angela
:bulletyellow: Flight: Katherine The Parrot
:bulletred: Power: Rita The Velociraptor



:bulletblack: Caring: Always concerned of her friends and family.
:bulletblack: Stubborn: Very stubborn when defending her family or fighting enemies and always tries to prove of what she is capable of with or without her powers.
:bulletblack: Amusing:  She will do or say anything funny to cheer up her friends.
:bulletblack: Outgoing: Very social when it comes to makes new friends, always sharing.
:bulletblack: Independent: Can take care of herself although her sister sometimes doesn't agreed to that, she is very cautious when she is on her own and always aware of her surroundings.
:bulletblack: Snarky: Possesses a sarcastic sense of humor and loves to make fun of her enemies when not she can be snarky but in an indifferent manner.


:bulletblack: Short-Tempered: When someone makes fun of her or provoked her she will not hesitate to show her aggressive attitude.
:bulletblack: Lazy: When not fighting or training she prefers to rest while hearing music with her mp3 player.
:bulletblack: Sensitive: She is a little sensitive particularly when she perceives someone doubts of her powers.
:bulletblack: Shy: Sometimes she is shy when meeting new people or admitting what she is feeling.

Known Relatives:

:bulletblack: Selena Imamiya (Mother)
:bulletblack: Hayato Imamiya (Father)
:bulletblack: Angela Imamiya (Older Sister)

Abilities & Aptitude:


:bulletblack: Gaby has the power of electrokinesis.
:bulletblack: Very skilled on acrobats, parkour, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.
:bulletblack: Possesses an enhanced condition during her years of  training with her sister.
:bulletblack: Has super speed by the use of her electrokinesis.


:bulletblack: If she is drenched in water will causes her to electrocute herself, so she have to stay low her powers so she wouldn't hurt herself or anyone.
:bulletblack: Has to be careful when she is using electronics.
:bulletblack: When on a strong emotional stress her powers will go on rampage.

:bulletblack: Needs outside sources of electricity to replenish her own as she needs stored energy for her attacks.

Hobbies & Talents:

:bulletblack: Has an interest in the field of arts, when she wants to go to a place for relaxed she draws many things that comes to her mind like landscapes, people, etc.
:bulletblack: Enjoys reading mythology, legends ,mystery books, etc.
:bulletblack: Likes to keep up her skills and put them to the test.
:bulletblack: Likes to do free running in cities or towns.

Likes: Adventures, fighting, drawing, videogames, training, music, nature, relaxing, action movies, comedy movies, summer, taking walks and the beach.
Dislikes: Close spaces, injustice, waiting, being interrupted, cold weather, cheaters, tight situations, being called kitty-cat, being surprised (Unless it's a surprise party), being pulled by her bow.


Gaby was born in a small home in an urban area; she lives with her mother Selena, her father Hayato and her older sister Angela.
Her father Hayato is an engineer, which sometimes he is not at home since has to travel to many places for business but he always stays on contact with his family. She lived a normal life like any other kid, spending time with family, learning new things, etc. Until at the age of 9 she suffers an horrible accident when a hurricane lashes in the town, she saves her sister from a medium voltage tower that it was falling down, she saved her sister life but at the expense of hers, the tower falls over Gaby electrocuting her and leaving her unconscious, quickly she was send to the hospital and fell in coma for two and half weeks. After she wakes up of her coma, she was feeling good for a few days until something strange happen, suddenly an electricity burst came out of her body destroying everything it touches she was so frighten, her family didn't know what to do until Angela came with an idea it was risky but she needed to help her, then she approaches her sister telling that everything will be okay but she was to scared she didn't wanted anyone get close to her, but Angela gave her favorite plush toy, then she slowly grabs it and calms down. After a few days Angela helps her to control her powers, she teaches her by the ways of meditation and concentration and she was then told that her powers were tied by her emotions which means the more she feels the more energy she releases so she has to be careful. She starts her training sessions at the age of 11 with her sister teaching her gymnast, martial arts, parkour and hand-to-hand combat but still living a normal life with her family.
As time goes by Gaby has mastered her powers, although she still tries to improve them.


:bulletblack: She always likes to have hair tied in a ponytail.
:bulletblack: When she is very angry her eyes glows and an electric aura surrounds her.
:bulletblack: She has a strand of hair dyed to magenta.
:bulletblack: When she was a kid she always loved to see along with her mother her sister do gymnast, parkour, martial arts, hand-to-hand combat thinking it will be awesome if her sister taught her but she was too young at that moment.
:bulletblack: She had dark brown eyes before her powers manifest, they turned cyan blue after a extend use of her powers.
:bulletblack: Her first original design was a hedgehog, but redesign her to a cat, as seen here  Gaby The Hedgehog
:bulletblack: Her outfit and features is based on Gaby's design from Transformers Animated and from her Pixel ID made by Priss- bloodempress.


:police: Gaby The Cat belongs to me, :icongaby264:
Please do not steal, copy/trace, edit, reupload, or use my artwork in any way, shape or form. Thank you.:police

Art & Reference © gaby264
Gaby The Cat © gaby264
Sonic The Hedgehog © SEGA

Katherine The Parrot - Redesgined by gaby264
Katherine The Parrot - Redesgined
Remember Katherine The Parrot  Katherine The Parrot
Well here she is again but redesigned, i made a plenty changes on her like the clothes, the hair, the tail etc.
Also add her wings, she is more colorful since she is a parrot  
She is a member of the Team Imamiya, flight type.
I will make her references later, but for now enjoy it :D

Edit 07/06/2016: Change color background according to her team formation

Art (C) gaby264
Katherine (C) gaby264
Sonic (C) SEGA


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40 / 3,000
I would love to have a premium membership :D

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Gaby Imamiya
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
ID made by my onee-chan --> :iconpriss-bloodempress: :)

Hi! My name is Gaby, i'm Venezuelan and i`m a huge fan of sonic and transformers =D

I like :heart: Drawing, Transformers, Video games, Saint Seiya, going out with my best friend :iconpriss-bloodempress:, etc...

I hate :pissed: Rude ppl, liers,when someone messed with my friends, etc...

:star:Art Status:star:

:bulletblue: Request: Yes :D

:bulletblue: Art Trades: Yes =D

:bulletblue: Collabs: yes =D

:bulletgreen:My tumblr page: bluebutterflygabbygirl.tumblr.…
:bulletgreen:My Youtube page:…
  • Listening to: Woodentoaster & H8_Seed - Awoken
  • Watching: Smosh
  • Playing: Resident Evil Revelations
I was  tagged by :iconmeta-cell*

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2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer
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First off, the five facts.
1. I'm creative, i develop new ideas everyday
2. Sometimes lazy XD
3. I'm loving and kindly
4. A little shy
5. and entertaining XD

Meta-Cell's questions:

1. If you could visit the world of any game or show you love which would it be?
  Assassin's Creed cause i love enviroment everything in that game that makes it best of all ^^-

2. Do u like mudkip?
  ahh no actually XP

3. are you a wizard?
  not really duh

4. What is your greatest goal in life?
  To be a greatest artist :)

5. Is this madness?
  i dunno X3

1. What is your favorite videogame?
2. Do you like cupcakes?
3. Have you ever been in The Comic Con?
4. If you could visit a unknown place in the world which would be?
5. Do u love plushies?

Now i'm tagging:

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